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Men's Cordless Beard Trimmer

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The Cordless Hair Clipper is a great resource for anyone looking to trim their hair on their own.

They are very easy to handle and use.

The ergonomic grip is safe and comfortable in your hand.

You will love how precise the cutting edge trims your hair and sideburns.

Right now, the Wireless Hair Clippers is on SALE!

SAFE CERAMIC BLADE - Ceramic blades are corrosion-free.The blade, boasting a hardness of 1.6 times than steel blades,they conduct less heat than steel blades,so that can reduce friction heating and prevent skin irritation,will not pull your hair. The ceramic blades provide a smoother,faster cut and increasingly durable.

ESM Intelligence Prevent Stucking Hair - ESM (Energy Smart Manager) is the brain of ENCHEN product. It has two large modules of energy management and motor mastering, which can guarantee high speed operation and no stucking hair when the battery is low. During the charging process, the ESM will activate multiple guarantees to extend battery life and ensure safe charging.

ONE-KEY ADJUSTMENT - It also features a quick-adjust trimmer attachment that attaches easily and quickly over the blade.It has 7 length settings that help you to customize your size,the lengths range from 3mm to 21mm and help you to trim to your exact, desired length.Only taking 1 hour to charge 90%,When in standby mode,the fully charged trimmer lasts up to three months.In the last 10%,it will do trickle charging, so as not to wear out the battery and overcharge it.

WITH TWO VARIABLE SPEED SETTING - The controllable speed helps you to work easily and efficiently with the different hair densities (thin or thick).Use lower speeds for thin hair, such as haircutting on children,Old man.Use high speeds for thick, coarse hair.The clipper also remembers the last speed settings that were made before switching it off.

1 YEAR GUARANTEE FOR DETACHABLE CLIPPER - Blade is detachable for ease of cleaning and styling versatility.Can be used while charging.In addition, the indicator light can accurately display the status of low battery, charging, and full power.If you have any dissatisfaction, please contact us in time, and we will provide you with a 100% satisfactory solution.

How to Use
Start with a good wash. Hair should be washed before it's cut so that it is easy to comb and doesn't have any extra bends or waves.

Step 1
Adjust the correct comb attachment for the desired length.Tilt the head forward slightly and rest the clippers on the back of the head.

Step 2
Turn on the clippers and apply a firm pressure and start moving up towards the top. You should have a firm grip of the clipper.Repeat this procedure until the hair has been cut evenly.

Moving on to the sides of the head.Pulling the ears away to ensure you get the clipper up around and behind the ears.

Start at the front of the head (the forehead) and work from the hairline backwards towards the top of the head.This completes the steps needed to cut your hair with clippers.

Net Weight:About 142g
Dimensions:About 16.4cm *4.3cm
Charging Time: About 1.5 Hours (Fully Charged)
Rated Voltage:5V
Rated Power:5W

How to Clean
1.Remove the guards and ceramic blade,use the blade brush that came with your hair clippers to carefully brush the blades.
2.Afterwards, start rinsing them and gently clean with a soft cloth.
3.Oil them with the oil provided in your kit.

- Built-in battery probably contain chemicals that are harmful to the environment,we recommend that you remove the batteries before disposing of the product;you need to take it to a recycling or other type of facility for proper disposal.
-This product and its accessories are not toys. Please keep it out of reach of children for fear of danger.
- Please keep the power cord and product dry and do not rinse the body with water.

Packing List:
1 x Hair Clipper
1 x Brush
1 x Trimming Comb
1 x Blade Oil
1 x USB Charge Cord



Kenny M. 

The Wireless Hair Clippers are perfect for traveling with. They are compact, portable, and rechargeable. Such a great deal!



Tyriec M.

I can't imagine cutting my hair with anything else. Awesome and affordable product.


Sherman C.


These are the best wireless clippers I've EVER used! 5-stars!


Chris B.
I bet these clippers are better than salon-grade models. They truly do work well. I give them two thumbs up. Very fast shipping, too.


Jason L.

Everyone who enjoys giving themselves an at-home cut will benefit from these Wireless Hair Clippers.