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SuperSafeCase™ - The Extremely Durable Case

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Are you becoming annoyed that you can't access your phone while having a handful? Do you need a case that is not only convenient for athletes but also safer in terms of distractions? Well introducing the SuperSafeCase™ also known as The Extremely Durable Case.

84% of the worldwide population say they couldn't go a day without their phones. Being the worlds number one distraction, people are now resorting to using a phone holder.  

The SuperSafeCase™ has an incredible 97.92% satisfaction rate and we hear everyday how much our loyal customers are pleased to have something to hold their device and belongings.

The Extremely Durable Case holds devices as well as other small belongings to help stay organized and use hands-free.

  • Room Storageenough inside room for long rides, holds a lot of stuff i.e phone, battery, energy gel, small tire pump, repair kits, keys, wallet etc.
  • Sensitivity Use - High sensitive TPU film window helps you use cellphone easily while riding.
  • Water Proof - This bike bag is made of water resistant and durable material and the zipper also is taped waterproof process.
  • Sun visor - Sun Visor on the top helps you watch phone screen clearly, which is great for sunny or rainy day.

The SuperSafeCase™ work extremely well for those who can be unorganized or don't have phone protection. We have heard from many customers, who because of the SuperSafeCase™ have never dropped their phone or forgot their belongings ever again.





    Verified customer: P. Giralte

    Date Purchased: 05/19


    I just received this item and have used it once or twice on my bike. My iPhone six plus fits nicely

    Verified customer: Carrie Lunsford

    Date Purchased: 06/19


    Phone's touch screen work when phone is inside, love the storage compartment to put bike keys and my wallet.
    Easy on and off so I take it with me when I locked up my bike.
    Very secure when attached to my handle bar.

    Verified customer: James Sandoval

    Date Purchased: 06/19


    This bag is sturdy and placed where it is easily reachable. It is very water resistant; I have used it one hour in the rain, and everything inside was perfectly dry.
    Touch screen works perfectly.

    Verified customer: Marco Rosales

    Date Purchased: 05/19


    I used this for my e-bike and it was very easy to use and view my phone.

    Verified customer: John Knight

    Date Purchased: 05/19


    Very convenient when going for some exercise ! thanks


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