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Infrared Fleece Gloves Grip Touch Screen Compatible

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Our Infrared Fleece Gloves are delicately crafted for use in cold weather workouts or daily routine. The main purpose of these gloves is to keep hands warm, increase local blood flow and recover faster.

Infrared Fleece Gloves have been designed with touch capacitive fingertips for use on smartphones and tablets, silicon microdots for grip (safe for driving), and an extended wrist to eliminate frustrating drafts up your sleeves. The gloves are just as effective as a liner under heavier winter gloves as they are alone, so are a great companion for your snow sports adventures.

The glove’s material contains our unique infrared technology, which boosts circulation around the hand, which not only improves temperature regulation, but also will ensure you maintain dexterity and functionality no matter how cool or damp the conditions.


Infrared Fleece Gloves have been engineered by scientists to increase oxygenation and glycogen storage in the blood, which is proven to both boost the energy available in your blood to keep your whole body performing its best, and to boost post-exercise recovery. These gloves are also suitable for day-to-day use. Recommended for Raynaud's suffers, poor circulation/cold hands, arthritic hands or anyone who prefers a soft fleeced glove featuring high quality far infrared fabric.


Infrared Gloves Sizes Based on Length of Hand

SMALL 17.5 cm 7"
MEDIUM 18 cm 7.25"
LARGE 19 cm 7.50"
X-LARGE 20 cm 8"


  • Increased micro-circulation
  • Temperature regulation
  • Help prevent cold hands symptoms
  • Pain relief, stiffness, inflammation
  • Enhanced comfort and well-being


  • Touch capacitive fingertips
  • Silicon microdot grip technology
  • Extended wrist for optimal fit
  • Ergonomic design
  • Fresh, shaped fit that's made to move

Fabric Information

Infrared Fleece Gloves are made from a superior infrared fabric, soft and warm to keep your hands dry and comfortable.
A unique combination of 56% FIR (minerals/bio-ceramics) Polyester, 37% Polyester, 7% Spandex tested for durability and effectiveness..

The Power of Fleece

Fleece fabric is a unique thermal fabrication designed to create warmth without weight. In contrast to wool, which can retain water in large quantities, fleece holds less than 1% of its weight in water and still retains some of its insulation qualities when wet. Infrared fleece fabric is an easy-care, machine washable and dries quickly. It is a good alternative for people who find their skin sensitive to wool fabrics.


  • Energy return
  • Circulation
  • Oxygenation
  • Temperature regulation
  • Overall wellbeing

Care Instructions

  • Wash at 30C/86F
  • Do not tumble dry

Infrared Fleeced Gloves are one of the best gloves for poor circulation. Use the gloves on their own or as a liner for added warmth under a shell for any fast-paced outings in chilly conditions.