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Waist Trainer Kardashian Best Hourglass Waist Shaper

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How does Waist Trainer Works?

  • Increase thermal activity to induce sweating and fat loss around midsection area.
  • Lose inches instantly, and more over time.
  • Stimulate perspiration for overall fat burning.
  • Improve posture and help with back pain.
  • Suppress appetite for easy dieting.
  • Postpartum/Post-surgery support to tighten loose skin.
  • Slim down waistline and flatten stomach to create a hourglass body shape.


Hourglass Gal Waist Trainers and Service

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This Waist Cincher is made of 100% latex core and cotton with spandex lining.The cotton lining can stretch to make you feel comfortable and also absorb sweating.There’re 4 spiral steel bones evenly across the corset to give you maximum compression and support from front to back.Spiral steel bones can easily blend without breaking and are much more durable than plastic bones.Three rows of hook-and eye closure provides secure fit and give plenty of room to move up as you progress in your waist training.

☑️INCREASE SWEATING – Increase thermal activity to induce sweating and fat loss around midsection area.The belt firmly wraps around your midsection including upper and lower abdomen to increase perspiration during your daily activities such as walking, running, spinning or doing other types of workouts to make you sweat more and increase fat burning.

☑️LOSE INCHES – Lose inches instantly, and more over time.Lose up to 5 inches in a few months with proper dieting and exercising.

☑️BURN FAT – Stimulate perspiration for overall fat burning during daily activities or workouts.Burn more calories without increasing intensity or workout time.

☑️REDUCE BACK PAIN – Improve posture and help with back pain.Give you maximum compression and support from front to back.

☑️SUPPRESS APPETITE – Suppress appetite for easy dieting.

☑️POSTPARTUM Postpartum/Post-surgery support to tighten loose skin.This gridle is perfect for waist training, postpartum/post-surgery recovery, posture improvement, figure shaping and confidence boost.It can be worn under clothes and easily fit into everyday life.

☑️SLIM DOWN WAISTLINE – This Kardashian Waist Trainer can slim your waistline up to 5 inches with proper dieting and exercising.It gives your gorgeous hourglass curves instantly after you put it on and sculpt your figure to make you look slimmer.


* Improved sizing, according to more than 100,000 customers' feedback, for better fitting.

* Newly added size XS to meet an ongoing demand, currently we carry the widest range of sizes of waist trainers in the market.

* If you're between sizes, it is recommended to choose one size larger as waist  trainers usually run smaller. (Below measurements are in inches)

Hourglass Gal Waist Trainer Size Chart


    This waist trainer is made of 3 layers of materials.

    • Outer Layer: 100% Polyester;
    • Middle Layer: 100% Latex (fully sewn inside no direct touching);
    • Inner Lining: 96% Cotton,4% Spandex;


    • Flexible and Easily blendable spiral steel bones.
    • 3 row of hook-and-Eye for adjustability 
    • No direct contact with latex, suitable for people with latex allergy.
    • suitable for medium to long torso.





    Verified customer: Courtney Gonzalez

    Date Purchased: 10/19


    This really helped shaped my body the way I wanted it to! I put it on with my shirt right over it and it works like magic.

    Verified customer: Tania Garcia

    Date Purchased: 10/19


    I'm one that likes to take a lot of off days at the gym but it's alright because using this has changed the look! thank you so much!

    Verified customer: Katie Aguilar

    Date Purchased: 10/19


    I love my waist trainer, this is something you can't find at your local store because it tightens from the waist all the way to the top belly.

    Verified customer: Michelle Moses

    Date Purchased: 09/19


    The hourglass figure that i've been working so hard to get is finally here haha thank you GenieHealth for the gift! Truly life changing

    Verified customer: Maddie Blackburn

    Date Purchased: 08/19


    The feeling of a tight body is definitely a confidence booster, after feeling self conscious about my love handles for many years, I feel like i'm in my prime! Thank you so much for the great service and quality.


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